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Cascading grants


Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE)


ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS)


Future Internet Experimentation - Building a European experimental Infrastructure

  • Robmosys.eu: https://robmosys.eu
    The management of the interfaces between different robotics-related domains in an efficient and systematic way according to each system’s needs
    Deadline: 2019.07
  • ORCA: https://www.orca-project.eu/open-calls/2nd-orca-open-call-extentsions
    Wireless innovation in several market segments, including manufacturing, automotive industry, healthcare, ambient assisted living, public events, home automation, and utilities
    Deadline: 2018.05.30+2018.12.01


Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE)


Internet of Things - European Platforms Initiative


Large Scale Pilots


Health and ICT

  • Cross4health (https://cross4health.eu/opencall.html)
    Unlock the collaborative potential of Aerospace and Energy SMEs leveraged on Biotechnology, ICT and Medical Devices sectors for the generation of innovative solutions that enhance patient-centred personalized care.
    Deadline: 2018.05.16

Social innovation